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Aditya is a remarkable person who has dedicated his life to creating impactful stories through his Films, Photography, Books, Podcasts, Online Publishing and Designs. He has been honored with the prestigious UN Karmaveer Chakra for his outstanding contribution to Social Change and Human Rights as a Content Creator. His passion for e-Publishing and Marketing has enabled him to reach a wider audience and inspire them with his vision. In this series, he invites us to join him on a journey of exploration and discovery, where he will share his insights and perspectives on the current issues and challenges that affect our world and ourselves. He will also offer practical solutions and suggestions on how we can make a positive difference by embracing the core values of life that are essential for our happiness and well-being. This series is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn, grow and transform themselves and their surroundings.

Some Perspectives on the World Events

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Podcast: The Thought Collective

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