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Clicked by Victoria Regen
Clicked by Victoria Regen

India is a land of diversity and richness, where countless stories and legends have been passed down from generation to generation. Gems from India Book series is a small effort to bring forward the rich cultural, literary and oral tradition of India, by presenting some of the most fascinating and inspiring tales from various regions and languages. These books are not only entertaining and educational, but also a way of celebrating and preserving the heritage and wisdom of India. Know More...

Join Lili the little Bavarian Girl, Bruno the Talking Bear, Fräu Inge the Shape Shifter Duck,
and Mr. Squeak the Detective Mouse on a series of exciting adventures around the world! From the forests of Bavaria to the Pyramids of Egypt, these four friends will battle adversaries, solve mysteries, and help good people in distress. With colourful illustrations and engaging stories, this book is sure to capture the attention of young readers and provide hours of entertainment and inspiration. Perfect for children aged 6-12, The Adventures of Lili, Bruno, Inge, and Mr. Squeak is a must-read for any young adventurer! Know More...


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The Chronicles of Lili

The Chronicles of Lili

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