About Aditya Basu:  Aditya is a Serial Digital Media Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer and has 15 years expertise in Online Business Models and Digital Brand Building. His overall expertise of 20 years, spans the fields of Television, Radio and the Internet. He has worked with leading TV Networks like Zee TV, Sahara TV, Tara TV and ETV at New Delhi and have done projects for DD National, Indian Army and ONGC among others. He is presently working in the OTT TV and Web-Series and Digital Films Space in Mumbai.

Online Entrepreneur:
Aditya is building more than 7 Digital Media Brands in the sectors of Cinema, Music, Documentaries, Sports, News, Research etc. Previously Aditya also ran a PR Distribution and News & Entertainment site.   Aditya has also ventured into the sphere of e-Learning and Corporate Training. He also helps SMEs to go online and market their services & products via various Digital Media Channels. 

Pan Media Expertise: 
Aditya Basu while shooting 6.9 Sikkim Rising
Aditya has been part of 5 Documentary Series (40+ Episodes) and over 10 Documentary Films for TV Channels and Government Organisations. Aditya has also directed/produced Corporate Films for some leading private & public companies including the Indian Army. He has also produced 2 Non-Fiction Radio Series and developed a 13 Episode Radio Fiction Series concept for a NGO.  

International Projects:
Aditya has produced an outsourced Radio Segment for a Radio Station in Denmark (Radio SYV24) and did some outsourced Editorial work for BON TV, China. He has also consulted startups from Switzerland, South Africa and India on how to leverage the power of marketing. 
His Specialties: 
  • Digital Strategy 
  • Marketing & Branding 
  • e-Publishing 
  • A/V Production

REX Karmaveer Silver Chakra (2019): Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships are the most coveted and prestigious honour and recognition program of the fellows. The Fellowship are empowered by the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO and the United Nations. 

Mentor, Impact Accelerator (2018): Aditya mentored two startups from Switzerland and India and guided some other national and international startups on how they can leverage the power of Digital Media in their favor and use it to grow their business Our discussions covered both ATL, BTL and Online and Offline Marketing and Growth Hacks.

REX Karmaveer Bronze Chakra (2016): Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships are the most coveted and prestigious honour and recognition program of the fellows. The Fellowship are empowered by the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO and the United Nations. 

Juror & Keynote Speaker RIDEA 2016: R-Idea is a national level competition for for Graduates of Business Schools and Technology Institutions with an objective to harness entrepreneurship and business planning skills among college and university students. 20 teams from various colleges and universities participated in this event.

Top 50 Thinkers of India (2014): Aditya had been nominated to the list of Top 50 Thinkers of India (2014). This initiative is sponsored by MTC Global a consortium of Management Teachers. 

Juror, International Digital Emmy Awards (2009-2011): Aditya has been, for three consecutive years, a part of the Final Round Jury for the International Digital Emmy Awards in the Non-Fiction Category which is held every year in conjunction with the MIPTV Awards in Cannes, France.

Independent Publishing Projects:

Dunia: www.Dunia.Co
This is an Universal Research Gateway for conducting deep researches on the Internet. At Dunia you can also do Vertical Searches on various subjects.

Flicks: Foreign Cinema: www.Flicks.ML
It's an effort to bring all Cinema masterpieces under one roof. We are doing this so that these works don't get forgotten by future generations and are easily accessible online.

Dark Tales: www.DarkTales.ML 
Dark Tales from The Underworld is a selection of class horror films from across the world

Anime Nation: www.AnimeNation.ML 
It's a  site dedicated to Cool and Funky Anime Films and Web Series including Japanese Manga that are out there.

Amazing Documentaries: www.Documentaries.ML
We feature award winning documentaries from across the world in this website. This site is thronged by documentary lovers from across the world. 

Exotic Music: www.ExoticMusic.ORG
It features exotic music from the World &Contemporary Folk/Ethnic Music scene. An Android &iPhone Mobile Application for this site is also available.

Eastern Divas: www.EasternDivas.ML
Mission of this project is to bring hidden musical gems from eastern and north-eastern parts of India to the forefront.

Asian Films: www.AsianMovies.ML

The sole purpose of this project is to promote Asian Films. You can view Trailers and read Reviews. AnAndroid and iPhone Mobile Application for this site is also available.

Film Reviews: www.Filmist.ML
This is a minimalist film review site showcasing world cinema. We cover both Past Greats and Present Greats.

Musical Divas: www.MusicalDivas.ML
This is our effort to archive the Golden Age of Western Music specially Rock and Rock and Roll, Blues and Jazz and its variations. You will find all the greatest musical divas from 1960s to 1990s there.

Discuss Futbol: www.Discuss.Futbol
This is a Online Discussion Board for worldwide Football Enthusiasts on various topics related to Football

World Cup Phutbol: www.Phutbol.Com
This is a site for Football enthusiasts who want to track the history and glories of World Cup Football right from its inception.

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