Thursday 22 February 2018

Simple Solution to Complex Problems

I am a fan of privacy stuff. Rather, I am a privacy advocate. Being a privacy freak, which is little different from the Chinese perception of privacy (where they are ok with the Govt. knowing everything about them), I am little opposite to that idea. So, I was gradually becoming aware how Google and other websites gather data and how they use it to track consumer behavior and show relevant advertising!

Now, it didn’t really stop there. I heard certain red flags go off in certain search engines when you search for things that you are not supposed to search for. Now it is an intrusion to privacy and compromises public safety as people are keeping track of what you are doing online. It's like that scenario from 1984 book... Big Brother's Watching You. So, I started using this Privacy Search called DuckDuckGo. Duck Duck is a splendid search engine! Over that it respects user's privacy. But honestly the googling habit was hard to die.  

After some days of using Duck Duck I realized that, on and off I do have to use Google! I can't exactly do away with it. So, I started alternating the two as the situation demanded and sometime just to compare results, I did that. It was such a pain to do so... trust me! Then came the idea. A good idea. A very big idea. A simple solution to very complex problems on the internet.  

I realized if I could have a place where I could search the two search engines side by side and compare the results, there would be nothing like it! So that was the spark behind the formation of As simple as that. But then, as I started working with the project, I realized, I can solve many more complex problems which Search Engines are not being able to solve thanks to Search Engine Optimization by SEO companies who have optimized the pages for SERP Rankings. But that also is leading to the Death of Good Content Websites. Wonderful resources are shutting down as they are not Search Optimized and lacking visitors.  

I am a veteran on the web, and I have been publishing online since 2003 when DMOZ was the most happening thing on the web, and not Google. I am from the time when Lycos was used for searching and Netscape was a good browser! So, loads of valuable resources I felt are losing traction and are shutting down. Same thing happened with IPL2 a wonderful search library. Now those are big losses, and things like that can't be permitted to happen. Something needs to be done about it. I felt Duniya can help in that regard. Approach Internet Exploration from a Non- Google/Bing/Yahoo oriented approach.  

Main problem that we face on the internet is we don’t know which information source to trust and which source not to trust. Main problem is Google/Bing etc. they don't give you human rated quality content. And they are mostly spewing garbage in internet searches.  

I realized Duniya can help in this regard. I decided to mix the concept of what was old DMOZ, a Human Edited Web Directory, and that of Site Search that Google and others offer. So, I felt if I can hand pick some resources which are good and then give Duniya's users a way to search those Topic Verticals and compare the results, we can have something wonderful in hand which will benefit both the visitors and the site owners. A perfect win win scenario for web users and site owners.   

And that magic is called Duniya! I am terming it as a Universal Research Gateway which you can use to explore the Internet in a 10x more powerful way than just by using one Search Engine.  So, it's a wonderful research tool where you can directly visit or search the world's top resources side by side from one place and then compare the results. The sites are handpicked, so the content that you will come across is also authentic. But yes, Duniya will also grow in future. 

My target is to grow Duniya so that you can access the top 200 resources in the world and search them side by side and compare the results. If you are not comfortable with Vertical Site Searches you can directly visit the websites by clicking the Home Page Buttons. So not only as a Research Site you can also use Duniya as a Human Edited Web Directory also! I have surely done my research and then included those resources. 

So, when you think of it, Duniya really solves the complex problem of deep research with an amazingly simple approach! So, I think you will really enjoy using Duniya and it will become a part of your day-to-day internet exploration process. What I have done at my end is I set Duniya as a Start Page in my Web Browser. So, whenever I open my browser, Duniya opens, and I have the world at my fingertips! Literally! 

So, set Duniya as a Start Page and see how it changes your Research Style and Depth of Research and Quality of Research. And in the end, we will end up helping these wonderful resources by visiting them and preventing them from shutting down like DMOZ and IPL2 did. So yes, happy browsing and discovering the web. 

Duniya means the World/Universe in Hindi and Urdu. Take for a ride now and see how it empowers you. 

Note: Presently Duniya is experiencing an SSL issue which is getting sorted


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