Monday, 18 February 2013

Time to start blogging

Distant Horizon: Snapped this at Chilka Lake, Orrisa, India
Well I finally decided to launch a blog, so many years after the blogging revolution started. First question you can ask me is why now?!! Well for a simple reason that well, I have been writing a lot in facebook updates and people seem to like them. But the topics I update on or post on are at times so interesting that much of the general public misses out on that. 

So up came the idea of blogging. How good I am at it will only time will say. How frequently I will blog even that time will say. Actually how much time I will give on it depends on that. 

I will surely be talking on some Contemporary Topics of Global Interest, on some Contemporary Technological Trends and may be a bit on Development and Things That Can be Done to make things better.

So once I have decided to write so many things only thing that is left is to start writing :)

Catch You Soon

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